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New products (books and items remain in this section for 45 days).



Sold out items remain offline until replenishment.

If you place an order at both www.lastoriamilitare.com and www.casualnonconforme.com, we will mail it in a single shipment.

We do not have, in our warehouse, all the items listed in the catalog. A share of 10-15% of them is provided upon order. These items are marked “Su Ordinazione” ("On Order") and we provide them only upon customer’s request. The average waiting time is about 10 days for Italian books, 3 to 4 weeks for European books or books otherwise distributed in Europe, and 45 to 60 days for books from the U.S. and Canada.

Books and items not immediately available are entitled to the free shipping by registered mail or J+3 (Italy only).

For orders with the wording “to order” payment in advance is required before shipment. Please wait for comunication from our staff.


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